Solar Power Initiative

Palm River Resort installed over 40kW of solar panel systems in the summer of 2012 to save on energy costs at the park. They added solar to the roofs of their storage units, clubhouse, and store to offset their electricity bills. The panels power the lights at the storage facilities, clubhouse, fitness center and pool and power the water well system including the front entrance waterfall. Needles, CA is located in the middle of the desert, so you can imagine how much the park spends on air conditioning in the summer, having solar allows the park to run the air conditioning in all park buildings keeping it comfortable for guests year round.


Since their solar was installed last year, they have decreased their electric bill by over 80%. The multiple solar power systems have a great impact on the resorts entire energy bill, saving thousands of dollars each month.

 The residents and visitors are happy with the park’s choice to invest in the new solar systems and start generating their own electricity for the resort. The new solar systems are a great example of the resort’s commitment to renewable energy and the environment.

Palms River Resort chose Horizon Solar Power for their solar project since they explained in detail the benefits of installing solar for their park, which included a great return on their investment, as well as an amazing savings on their monthly electric bill. Horizon Solar Power provides a completely customized system design, expected ROI between 3-5 years, a 25 year warranty and 5 year power production guarantee. Horizon Solar Power is a privately owned solar company located in Hemet, CA that has been in business since 1998. For more information about going solar with Horizon Solar Power visit